c/o eller ℅ (från engelska ”care of”), är ett tillägg till adressen på ett brev, eller en annan postförsändelse, som anger att brevet för adressatens räkning skall tas 


2015-01-25 · C/O adresse: Cbcurtis: Generelt: 2: 22nd May 2013 10:46 AM: Matrikel => Adresse? nickdk: Generelt: 2: 8th August 2011 06:31 PM: folkeregisteradresse - c/o-adresse: Lise H: Generelt lejeboliger: 1: 23rd February 2010 11:39 PM: gmail adresse ?? asar: Fejl: 9: 20th April 2009 05:31 PM: Mail-adresse: 5500: Off-topic: 5: 12th February 2009 02:31 PM

Hugo Grün & Co. Stockholm. 12. C/O Envelope Addressing What does it mean? Often abbreviated as c/o, “care of” means through someone or by way of someone. This phrase indicates that something is to be delivered to an addressee where they don’t normally receive correspondence. Meaning of C/O Mail sent with the letters c/o in the address are sent "in care of" someone else. That means that the post office should deliver the mail to the person or entity such as a business or company listed "c/o" on the address, who should then give it to the person to whom it is addressed.

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Co-Founder &. Chief Executive Officer. Photo of Emilie Choi. Emilie Choi. President &. Chief Operating Officer. Photo of Surojit Chatterjee. Surojit Chatterjee.

On confie une lettre ou un colis aux bons soins d'un intermédiaire. « Aux bon soins de » s'écrit entre le destinataire et la personne (ou la société) dont l'adresse postale figure sur le pli et qui aura le soin de remettre l'enveloppe au destinataire. Coop Kundservice.

WALDOR & CO., Stockholms kommun, Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige — placering på kortet, telefon, anmeldelser. Findes i kategorier: urmager.

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